Inclusive Workplace

"Marlene has a strong passion and is a great advocate for Equality. Her combined deep global HR & coaching background, as well as her experience developing culture programs makes her a true standout. Her highest passion is to create an inclusive workplace where people feel belonging and lift each other.She's incredibly strategic, results oriented, persuasive and is exceptional at building deep relationships quickly."

Alyeen Schneidewind, Chief Performance Officer, Logicmonitor,


Excellent coaching - achieving results

"Marlene is a wise and experienced coach on many levels and I am very grateful for Marlene’s professional approach. Marlene was listening without judgement, asking curious questions and created a safe space for me to reflect and understand my own situation and my possibilities to move forward. I have been going in circles for a while with my dilemma and I was flying out of the session with a clear vision for my future.

Elisabeth Sangill,

Service Sales Specialist, HP


New perspectives

Marlene is an insightful and thoughtful coach. As well as leadership and team development, her experience in driving super impactful programs, including the Women 2 Watch, helped us to invest in our high potential female talent. Marlene always brings a new and valuable perspective to the table.Eva HeffernanLeader NGO Sales, Continental Europe (formerly Country Leader Netherlands) Salesforce, 

The Netherlands

Personal & Professional Strengths

"I worked with Marlene on a 1:1 basis to gain coaching insights on my Personal & Professional strengths. She has deep insight & was able to coach me to identify many ways that I could use my strengths. I would recommend her to anyone with a genuine interest in developing their personal effectiveness through a deeper understanding of their strengths.

Michael Harris, Professional Trainer & Coach, Founder T4T-time4training


Female Talent

"Marlene is a Global Senior partner who understands business and the employees. She is strategic, data oriented, leads with empathy and is impactful. She is a huge driver for Equality. She is always helpful, she shows up and deliver on her promises. She is a courageous communicator who absolutely moves organisations to be a better place to work, being more inclusive and diverse. Marlene creates a culture of belonging, she humbly lifts others and I would at any time work with her."

Wendy Moore, RVP Salesforce & Female Private Investor,

The Netherlands

Strength Based Leadership

"There is no doubt that Marlene is passionate in her role as HR Professional. As a leader working together with Marlene, her passion creates a partner like relationship that is professional, relevant and very inspirational. I can actually say that Marlene has highly influenced the way I lead people based on past experience with strength based leadership, talent development programs and enhanced coaching skills.

Thomas Saks, Business Owner, Saks Media & Consulting 


Impressive Results, Corporate Programs

“Marlene's dedication and enthusiasm is amazing. She built our Senior Specialist Programme from scratch, she  introduced the organisation to strength based leadership, which is today a major tool of development in NNIT. She managed to get impressive results throughout the company. Her focus on working with strengths has led to more efficient team facilitations and individual development. If you are looking for a woman that focuses on structured work, is quality focused, and who sees no barriers; only opportunities, then Marlene is the right person to connect with."

Ineke Fischer,

Director, EVP HR Business Partner, Novo Nordisk A/S, 


Strengths Philosophy or Strengths Professional

"Marlene is an amazing business partner. She is data driven, strategic, and impactful and goes above and beyond for those she supports and works with. She is a courageous communicator who absolutely moves the needle in organizations to make them better places to be, more diverse and inclusive. Marlene is a passionate and award winning leader who puts everything into her work and into lifting up others.."

Todd Johns, SVP, Salesforce,


Strengths Philosophy or Strengths Professional

"I have had the pleasure to work with Marlene and experience her high drive and passion especially for development activities. I have enjoyed Marlenes passion in her work with development activities in the organisation - both individual and team development. I consider Marlene to be a strong developer of people and a very committed and skilled strength professional."

Lene Nilsson, Partner at Brinch & Partners, 


Inspiring & Strength Based Development

"I have worked as a consultant and trainer with Marlene at a leadership development course I did in coorperation with NNIT. I found it very inspiring to work with Marlene. We worked with coaching, Strength-based development profiles, assessment and other leadership development tools. Marlene is energetic, constructive and innovative. She is appreciative and at the same time asks relevant and challenging questions. She is well-founded in leadership theories and tools. She has strong knowledge and competencies in the area of strength-based development. I can strongly recommend Marlene as a business partner, coach, trainer and consultant in leadership development and strength-based tools."

Mikkel Eising,

Partner at Resonans, Denmark

Leadership Development

"Marlene took our senior leadership team through a strong self awareness and development process. Using a strength focused approach, Marlene facilitated the session well and it's laid the foundations for the year ahead."

Fergus Stoddart, Managing Partner, EdgeCommunications


Strengths Scope Accreditation

"I was lucky enough to work with Marlene in the field of strength based leadership in Australia, as we conducted an Accreditation for a number of new Practitioners. Marlene was so valuable to the process, and she was able to share her experiences of strength based leadership being implemented into an organisation. Her depth of knowledge and experience was fantastic and she was able to share that in a pragmatic and practical way. I hope to find ways of working together into the future."

Kerry Rosser, Managing Partner Real World Results